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On the Water & FAQ's
ishing License:

Wisconsin: 16 Years and older. 1-877-945-4236 or (Buy Online - Click Here) WI has a Two-day Sports fishing license for $14.00. This license includes the Great Lakes Trout and Salmon Stamp. If you have a WI fishing license already, then you will only need to purchase a Great Lakes Trout & Salmon Stamp - $10.00.  The online website is  You can no longer purchase license over the phone, so be prepared ahead of time and purchase on line.
Other Suggested Items:
-White soft sole shoes only – please, no black sole shoes or boots.
-Rain Gear - we do fish in the rain
-Suntan Lotion – please keep lotion away from fishing tackle.
-Sunglasses, Hat
-Camera - don't forget film or memory cards
-Camcorder - charge those batteries and bring extra tapes
-Food or Snacks, Beverages
-Motion Sickness Medication (if you are prone to it)
-Long Pants/Sweatshirts: Can be – but not always – 10-20 degrees cooler on the lake.
-Big cooler for fish on the way home – leave in vehicle until we get back to the dock.    We have ice for coolers if needed.

I’m concerned about getting sea sick while fishing during the trip, what should I do?
A: First of all, the 55’ Viking –“Hour Time” is twice the size of the average charter boat, therefore, will be more stable in the ride and comfort level, however, every person is different in their tolerance level to motion sickness. We suggest that if you have any concerns, to please take some motion sickness pills (Ex. Dramamine), starting the night before your trip and then the next morning. Also, for some home remedy suggestions, ginger is a good source for motion sickness so sometimes ginger ale may be a good idea and some ginger snaps to snack on.

Q: When I give you a deposit and we have to cancel because of weather, what happens to my deposit?
A: When cancellations are due to safety and weather conditions determined by the captain, either a reschedule date or complete refund will be issued, however, if we leave the dock and start fishing and the client decides to come in early due to sickness, etc., then the trip will be booked at normal rate.

Q: We would like to have a business meeting and incorporate fishing into it. Do you have a private area that we could do this?
A: This is not an uncommon question, as with this type of boat, it is very accommodating for this type of environment. Yes, this can be done. The air conditioned/heated salon area is a very lavishly finished interior and is a very comfortable setting for business meetings of that nature.

Q: Can you supply lunch and beverages for our outing?
A: Yes, this has been done in the past. Ask for details when booking.

Q: How old do you have to be too need a fishing license?
A: Wisconsin – 16 Yrs old. Michigan – 17 Yrs old.

Q: Will I be able to handle the rod & reel if I get a fish on?
A: Yes, I do believe you will as we have equipment that helps in this matter. We have a comfortable belt that the rod goes in and will give you greater support and ability to reel the fish in.

Q: What will I need to do/bring for the fish that we catch?
A: The only thing that you will need to bring is a cooler, however, leave that in your vehicle for when we get back. We will filet and package your fish and supply the ice for your cooler for your way home.

Q: How many people can be on board?
A: Maximum of 6 people plus our crew.

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